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Nalex® is a subsidiary of SMSA Express Transportation Company. We are pioneers of integrated mailroom management solution software in Middle East offers automated solution to our clients

Nalex® which is the abbreviation of National Express, provides solutions driven to address customer challenges in managing unique requirements and design solutions that best fit for their businesses.

We offer our clients superior service and management information, and are devoted in transforming this hitherto cost centre into value add centre. Our objective is to offer a truly enterprise level solution by enabling cost reductions, better mailroom productivity, and even better Corporate productivity.

With more than decade of experience, we are the preferred mailroom solution provider for some of the largest multinational corporate in Saudi Arabia. Our client base includes Saudi Telecom, Mobily (Ettisalat), SAMBA Financial Group, Banque Saudi Fransi and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). This is achieved by the dedication and enthusiasm of more than 220 employees working on various projects in Middle East.

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