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MRM InfinitT®

In current business environment, where organizations are stretching to do thing better and increase productivity, visibility to your internal distribution is important.  Running a mailroom can be tedious and time consuming especially when you are doing it with manual method without support of state-of-art IT technology.

Nalex provides sophisticated mailroom automation software
MRM InfinitT ® with the capability of online tracking and tracing of all your interoffice mail. 

Key Features of MRM InfinitT ®

  1. Registration of all Mail types (Inter-office, Express, Post, Newspaper, Journal & Magazines).
  2. Supports all Barcode types and Scanners
  3. Live tracking and tracing
  4. Bilingual Interface (Arabic / English)
  5. Developed on Best Business Practices
  6. Can be customized to suit customers requirements / needs
  7. Multi-tier Architecture
  8. Web and Desktop based solutions
  9. Developed using .NET Framework and  MS SQL Server 2005
  10. Route Definition and Courier Assignment
  11. Proof of Delivery Information (Name, Date/Time, Department)
  12. User Friendly – My Desktop features (Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Un-Received)
  13. Preferences – User Defaults
  14. Address Book Database
  15. Supports all Business Scenarios
  16. View Expected Mail Information
  17. Integrated Inbound and Outbound Inter-office records
  18. Customizable Management Reports (PDF Format)
  19. Secured System with authorization profiles

Value Added Features

    • Auto-Generation of Barcode from the system at Registration
    • Flexible to accommodate customer needs and can be customized.
    • Pickup and Proof of Delivery (POD) scan using Handheld Trackers (Scans can be recorded using Handheld trackers PDA)
    • MRM System Security Tested in Banking Environment
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